Wait no more for Heli Attack 3

  • Posted on May 31, 2015 at 7:58 am

Are you waiting for another Heli Attack installment? Be happy because your wait is over! The new part of your favorite game has finally arrived! Heli Attack 3 is here to give you more with exciting and energizing game ever. Though the mechanics of the game is same as the previous games, this third part of Heli Attack will bring you more thrill. With new graphics and more challenges, it will keep your focus to your mission.
However, even the first timers will also enjoy this game. The controls are very easy. Use your keyboard to make movements, A and D for left and right movement. Use W to jump and hold it if you want to jump higher. Press S to crouch and E and Q for next and previous weapons. You can also use mouse to aim and click to shoot and your mousewheel to change weapon.

Heli Attack 3

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