The Last Stand 2: A Thrilling Zombie Adventure

  • Posted on July 8, 2015 at 2:54 pm

In a series of zombie games, here comes The Last Stand 2, bringing even more blood slaughter, chaos and struggle for survival. It is thrilling, even more exciting and adventurous. You have to find a way how to survive and overcome all the challenges set from hordes of zombies. The story evolves around character named Jack, a survivor traveling through different towns, trying to reach a final destination within forty days. The main purpose of the game is to shoot the zombies standing behind the barricade while they are entering sporadically. You need to survive to the end of the round.
Explore various areas on the map and find weapons that will help you move between towns and to eventually reach your final destination, Union City. You need to be well equipped to fight the enemies. Check out this best zombie game ever at


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