Race And Fight In Full Auto Mayhem

  • Posted on July 31, 2015 at 12:36 pm

Are you a fan of car racing games? If you are, you will fall in love with this one. But you will be happy to hear that it is not just about racing. It is also about fighting the enemy! While racing them, you will have some weapons that will help you destroy the enemy cars! Isn’t that powerful? Full Auto Mayhem is a game full of action, speed, fighting and it is very exciting! Even if it’s easy to control, it requires your driving, but also fighting skills. As you move through the game you will unlock new tracks and modes.
There is a total of 27 tracks and 3 modes. In order for you to survive this challenge, you will have to use some weapons. Each car has its weapon. When you finish one race you have the chance to upgrade your car. You will find it quite challenging to race and shoot at the same time!

Full Auto Mayhem (4)

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