Play Vex 2 to Get the Thrill

  • Posted on September 20, 2016 at 6:00 pm

If you are looking for a thrilling yet not a time consuming game, you should definitely try Vex 2.  It is the second release of the popular adventure game Vex where sticky man needs to overcome trouble-some obstacles. If you haven’t yet played Vex 1, don’t worry about it. You can still play Vex 2 as the control of the games is very easy consisting of the arrows or WASD keys.


In this game, you have to control the main character known as sticky man who can run and jump in between walls and can also swim. Using his all round abilities you have to pass different obstacles like fire, gears, traps or even a river. If you make a single mistake, or your reflex becomes slower, these traps will not delay to kill the sticky man.

Good thing is, there are check points in the game. Once you reach a check point, every time the sticky man falls in a trap you will start from the latest check point. Therefore, you will not become frustrated of being stuck in same place.

Most interestingly, you can play this game online for free. Therefore, in a small break, you and your friend can challenge each other to play the game and see who can reach to the top level faster. And in this adventurous journey, don’t forget to complete different achievements which will be saved in your browser. Therefore, if you haven’t tried, start playing this game in and enjoy your leisure time.

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