Play Defense in Defend the Tower

  • Posted on July 19, 2015 at 1:28 pm

There will always be two sides in everything. In a product, there will always be an advantage and a disadvantage. In a person, there will always be a good and bad side no matter how big or small the goodness or badness is. In the way of thinking, there will always be the positive and negative ones. In words, there will always be synonyms and antonyms. How about in flash games? The answer would be about offense and defense. The usual games focus on the offensive side where shooting and fighting are involved but there are games that play defensive just like Defend the Tower. From the word “defend” one can easily feel that this is mostly about defending but also involves offense from time to time. The player will have to defend the tower by eliminating the opponents that are trying to ruin or destroy your tower. Use every weapon wisely in order to successfully defend the tower. This game is a perfect defense and offense game for everyone to play and indulge.


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