Monkey Go Happy Marathon 2: Make Your Monkey Smile Again

  • Posted on August 12, 2015 at 5:16 pm

Are you ready to cheer a sad little monkey up! You have to solve some problems and make the monkey happy! Do you think you can do that? There are 30 level and even more puzzles waiting for you to solve them. Most of the problems that you need solve are humane. You need to help someone who needs help. For example, to help a child waiting for the school bus, to take the alien back to his home, and other. You will also have to fight with some bad guys.
In one level your monkey will find a goat trapped at the edge of a cliff. You will have a task to find a way how to help this poor goat get to the other side of the cliff. In the bush you will find some tool that will help you make a way for the goat to reach the other side. You can play it at different websites.

Monkey go happy marathon 2 (2)

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