Escape again in Jailbreak 2

  • Posted on June 30, 2015 at 5:19 pm

Escape games are very in demand because of three factors. One is because it is a point and click type of game where players will not have a hard time memorizing certain keys just to control the game. It is important for a player that a game doesn’t possesses complicated control keys to operate. Second factor is the goal which is to escape from different platforms and circumstances. Last factor is the items that players need to collect which can help them escape. One perfect example is Jailbreak 2.
This game is actually a sequel to the game Jailbreak which means that the objective is still the same which is to survive or escape the jail. The player will have to help the prisoner escape by collecting necessary items and use them according to their worth and eventually make the prisoner escape. This time, the set up is tougher and more challenging which will surely test the thinking skills of the player. Jailbreak 2 can be played online or in its official website. Test your escaping abilities in this fun and exciting flash game.

jail break 2

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