Be an entrepreneur with Bush Hot Dog Stand 2!!

  • Posted on August 30, 2015 at 9:53 am

Bush Hot Dog Stand 2 is an online game which is related to food business. Through this game you will come to know how to do food business and what are the strategies of getting success in this field. I am sure you will enjoy the game. For more information please click here to read.
The principle of the game is to sell hot dogs together with other fast food items plus getting a good impression from the customers. You need to help Bush to be a famous vendor. The food shops are situated in various places like Wall Street, Bronx, Times Square, Central Park etc. There will be a limited time that you have to serve the foods to the customers. Moreover, you will be assigned with a budget to reach. Try to keep your customers happy and beside hot dogs they might request other foods like burger, chips, different kind of sauces. So be an expert and get success.

Bush Hot Dog Stand 2 (3)

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