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Help out a snail through puzzles in Snail Bob 3

  • Posted on July 31, 2016 at 9:51 pm

Bob the snail has been sucked by a time machine! Now he is trapped in ancient Egypt, can you help him out and guide his way home? In Snail Bob 3, you will help our slow moving buddy, Bob, to get out of labyrinth, puzzles and booby traps. Test out your wits and your vision, collect all the stars and do not let Bob die. After getting sucked in a time machine being studied by Professor Slug, Bob finds himself trapped in series of rooms that are filled with traps, buttons and levers.

Snail Bob 4 (3)

Your goal in Snail Bob 3 is to guide Bob safely to the exit and proceed to the next stage. Click on buttons and switches to make a clear road for the snail. You can click on Bob himself to make him stop, and click him one more time will make him continue There is a button on the top left corner to control Bob’s speed, there are 2 options available. You obtain a score after finishing a stage, depending on the time it took for you to go to the exit and the stuff that you break. Additionally, there are 3 hidden stars for each stage, they can be buried beneath the ground, hiding on a rock or a switch, and some even fall from the sky. Find a way to collect them all and finish a stage in fashion. Do not expect to finish a stage with all 3 stars in the first attempt, some stages are very delicate and one slight misstep can mean a missed star or a tragic ending for Bob.

It is normal to first scout the stage and check for the mechanics and experiment on the buttons that on the stage. If you really cannot get past through a stage, then you can click on the Walkthrough button in the lower right part of the screen. You can see videos and guides on how to finish the stage. If you are looking for a great puzzle game, then Snail Bob 3 is a must try, visit to play the game.