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Adventure in a different dimension with Shift 3

  • Posted on September 26, 2015 at 2:58 pm

It is interesting to see and know that there are flash games that demonstrate the limitless imagination of our minds by incorporating unusual skills and dimensions. Humankind will not stop creating unique flash games as long as the creativity is still kicking. One great example of a unique flash game is the one called Shift 3. It is obviously the third edition from the game series called Shift.


This involves dimensions, rooms, shifting, black and white. Maybe you are still confused with the previous statement but you will surely be enlighten once you finish reading this content. Shift 3 is a shifting game where you will play a character, which is like a running man but only covered in black color. Your mission is to shift through the black and white rooms precisely and quickly as well as collecting keys to exit doors. Use the Shift key for shifting and arrow keys for moving. As long as you press those elusive keys, you are on the right track.