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Build your city in Rising Cities

  • Posted on June 23, 2015 at 10:31 pm

Have you ever wonder what an urban developer does? This is a job where you have to plan a specific building, place, establishment, town and a city. This job is quite meticulous but very fulfilling. Don’t you know that there is a simulation game about urban developers? The game is called Rising Cities. It is a good medium to test if you have a future as an urban developer or not. Rising Cities is a simulation game intended for urban developers or wannabes. The role of a player is to build an entire city and ruling it to grow economically. You will act as a Mayor and have to plan, develop and manage the whole city. The player needs to think and strategize on how the building and the city will grow and how can it last for a long long time.
It is an exciting simulation game where one will be able to learn a lot about urban planning and developing. If you are interested, visit the website online and enjoy.

rising cities