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Protect your kingdom in Kingdom Rush 1

  • Posted on April 27, 2015 at 6:17 pm

Are you a fan of playing games that will challenge you? Do you like thinking and looking for ways to help you gain the upper hand in a situation? Yes? Well, then Kingdom Rush 1 is definitely the game for you. The game gives you the chance to work on those critical thinking skills of yours. Look for amazing and smart strategies that will help you win the game. Your task as a warrior is to protect the kingdom from invaders trying to siege the castle. Beware of your enemies! They are not human and they very strong and powerful weapons. However, fear not. The right strategy will always help you win the game.
Test your skills now and prove yourself to be the best warrior in the game!

Kingdom rush 1

Help Papa Louie and his restaurant!

  • Posted on April 21, 2015 at 6:37 am

Your favorite Papa Louie is back with more adventures and challenges for you! Enemies are once again trying to ruin Papa Louie’s business by kidnapping all of his customers and transporting them to another dimension. With the help of Marty and Rita, help Papa Louie save his customers from the hands of the enemy. The game is very easy to play. Use the arrow keys to move your player and the spacebar to attack the enemies that are coming your way. If you’re ready to start your mission to help Papa Louie, click this link to start playing:
Papa Louie 3 is a very fun new installment to the game. With more challenges to overcome, you will definitely enjoy this adventurous game. What are you waiting for? Eliminate Papa Louie’s enemies and help his business prosper by saving his customers!

Papa Louie 2

Collect the blocks in Blocky 2

  • Posted on April 14, 2015 at 1:15 pm

It’s the 2nd version of the series Blocky, where you are going to make all the screens of faces clean. Your mission is to match the blocks in this Blocky 2 game. In this quick-paced puzzle game, you are free to store up the points as many as you can. Open this game and you will listen a hilarious and an extremely amusing tune as you blow up through many levels.
How to enjoy the game? Well, you will find many blocks, click any of them and then drag out a shape like a rectangle, which should have 4 corners of the same color. Now the mouse button should be released to gather all blocks and make all of them inside the rectangle. Make sure to make the rectangle as bigger as possible, because you will easily get more points with the bigger rectangles.

Blocky 2.(2)