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Enjoy the space station in Turkey Liberation Front 3

  • Posted on March 28, 2015 at 3:02 pm

A famous author Dina Gjertsen has presented the 3rd edition of the popular series called Turkey Liberation Front 3. Your mission is to get in touch with the Turkey Liberation Front and don’t forget to free the bird. You must explore and find out the required things in the space station, collect clues, and pick up the handy items.
Many questions will arise once you start the game, such as can we return this turkey to our mother earth? From where these all chess pieces came? How this awesome furniture arrived in this space station? Your goals include infiltrating the space station, releasing the turkey, and a few more tasks. Don’t worry if you face some difficulty while playing, as their support is ready to help you play the game.

Play Bomb It 1 with your friend

  • Posted on March 26, 2015 at 1:38 pm

The first version of a popular game series is Bomb It 1, which has many levels to finish. This game will keep the player’s eyes focused on the PC and his fingers pressing the keys of the keyboard, as the game requires finishing the levels aiming for a big number of scores.
Not only this game can be played by one player, but also if you have a friend interested to play against you, he can and you can set up the game accordingly. Finding the game is not difficult nowadays, as many sites are there offering playing it online. It can be chosen as hard, normal and easy playing by setting it up when you are ready to start.
Bomb It 1

Play Frizzle Fraz Online Free

  • Posted on March 10, 2015 at 4:42 pm

Games are the best way of enjoyment. They help in increasing the concentration power. Some games are like drugs they addict people towards them. Once you started to play you never end up until you finish all the levels, so here we bring such kind of game for you i.e. Frizzle Fraz.
In this game you have to collect all the keys to unlock the door so that you can enter the next level. You have to collect small Frizzles to rescue them. While going through the way you will face many interruptions. To destroy them, you have to jump on the enemy’s head. There are several things to gain the points and few things that will reduce your points and destroy your Frizzle. You need to be protective from all the enemies and interruptions, which will lead to failure/losing life. This game “Frizzle Fraz” is easy to play and user-friendly.
How to play: Use the arrow keys to move the Frizzle. You need to collect the keys and other frizzles coming on the way to the door going to the next level. Protect the Frizzle from bad guys you can’t destroy these guys by jumping on them.