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Return Man 4: A football game

  • Posted on February 8, 2015 at 7:05 am

Return Man 4 is a football game from, created to stop the enemy attacker, so if you play it carefully, they will unable to reach to your touchdown line. The keys that we will use are: I, J, K, A, S, and D. I, J, And K can be used to move, and A, S, And D are to activate the particular moves.
Playing this game (Return Man 4) is not difficult. The goal of the player is easy enough. All you need is to catch the man using some skills. You must run and catch your enemy to prevent him reaching your finish line. If you have been caught by them, you will need to fight to release yourself from them. Remember, you will see that the game is becoming more difficult with your moving ahead progressively, but don’t worry, you will get some additional help as well, such as powerful teammates.