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All the Scary Maze Games

  • Posted on August 23, 2018 at 9:39 am

If you are looking for a prank game which you can use against friends and relatives, you should try the Scary Maze Game series. You can visit Play Scary Game webpage where you will find maze game 1 and 20+ related games. You will as well find free scary games in their unblocked versions.

When you play Scary Maze Games, some of your skills will be tested and even enhanced. Your hand and eye coordination will be put into test. As you cross the mazes, there is one rule you have to strictly follow. The rule is to never ever touch the walls of the game. It is fatal to touch the walls of the maze. Once you have touched the walls of the maze, accidentally or deliberately, you will have to start the game from the first level.


Scary Maze games will also improve your concentration ability. You cannot succeed in playing the game if you will not give your full attention. And in addition, you have to cross the mazes without getting distracted by crawling spiders, flying ghosts and lots of objects that are incorporated to sidetrack your attention from avoiding the walls of the maze.

Scary Maze games will likewise increase your patience. You cannot avoid failing to cross the maze without touching the walls of the maze. The first maze usually has wide road and minimal turns. But as you level up, mazes gets narrower and turns increase. It gets harder to cross the maze without touching the walls. Giving up is not a solution. If you did not make it, try playing again until you finish all levels including the bonus ones. If you are looking for a fun and challenging game to play, try maze game 1 and much more games at Play Scary Game webpage.

Play maze game 1 and much more scary games and share them with friends and colleagues. Just be reminded that these games are not for people with weak hearts and those with heart conditions. This is due to the scary surprise the game offers and the possible impact it could bring the person playing it. Therefore, it is also not suitable for too young children.

How to play Red Ball 4

  • Posted on January 28, 2017 at 5:20 pm

If you are looking for an exciting adventure game online, you should not miss out playing the well-known Red Ball game series. It is one of the most entertaining games you will find in the internet. Even kids will love the game due to its colorful graphics and the simplicity of controls to use.

The fourth installment comes in three parts. In volume one of Red Ball 4, you have found that Black Square has evil plans. He plans to turn all red balls into red squares. And not only that, he also plans to turn the world into a big square to rule it together with his black square squads. So your main goal is to rescue all the red balls those black squares captured and stop Black Square from his wicked ideas. There are fifteen levels to play in Red ball 4 volume 1. Explore the grassy hills as you go your way in saving the poor red balls kidnapped by the bad black squares. As you go on your adventure, try your best to collect all the gold stars and all sixteen Achievements too. Collecting all gold stars will make you finish the level with gold crown as well. Take note also that you will drown in water.


In the second part of Red Ball 4, the cute hero will continue in his journey of saving the red balls and the world from Black Square’s malicious plans. This time, you will explore the dangerous forest. Black Square’s cronies are all over and there are a lot of obstacles too. Safely finish all fifteen levels with gold crown by collecting gold stars. Collect all sixteen Achievements as well.

In Red Ball 4 volume 3, the saga continues. In this installment, you will now be exploring the deadly factory where the red balls are being turned into red squares. More precarious obstacles are installed and more black squares are scattered to stop you. Like in Red Ball 4 volumes 1 and 2, there are sixteen Achievements to collect in this sequel. Venture in fifteen levels of Red Ball 4 volume 3 as you collect all stars and finish each level with a gold crown.

Play Duck Life 2

  • Posted on December 30, 2016 at 8:22 pm

If you are scouting for a racing game, the best recommended online game for you is Duck Life 2. In this game, you will be experiencing the fun of training a pet. You are going to train a duckling in four skills: flying, running, climbing and swimming. If you train your duckling well, you will make him excellent in these skills.


Remember in Duck Life 1, when a farmer’s farm was ruined by a tornado. There was nothing left but a duck’s egg. When a cutie duckling it came out from its shell, the farmer decided to train the said duckling. He trained the duckling to be the best in flying, running and swimming. The farmer’s purpose in training the duckling is to join and win in races and competitions. If he wins and get some rewards, he will be able to reconstruct his farm once again.

As you Play Duck Life 2, you will be playing again the role of a farmer and train the duckling once more. This time, train your duckling not only in flying, running and swimming but also make him trained and best in climbing. Your ducking has to be excellent in those four skills before he can join the prestigious world racing tournaments. Just take note that your duckling has a limited Max Level; that is the highest level your duckling can achieve in each skill. The good thing is, you can upgrade the Max Level of your duckling by ten for only fifty coins.

When you Play Duck Life 2, you will be competing in five countries sequentially: from Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan. Every competition has three rounds wherein your knowledge as a trainer and your duckling’s skills will be tested. Scotland is the stipulation round of the world’s championship and Japan is the final. In every country, winning in any round will increase you fifty coins and a secret package. Every country grants the winner a raise in the duckling’s level limit.

As you train your duckling, collect the coins you see along your way. You can use those coins in training. Your prizes in the races will give you a chance to buy foods for your duckling as well as to upgrade your Max Level and to buy accessories in the shop.

Color Switch cheats

  • Posted on December 24, 2016 at 10:26 pm

Are you looking for an exciting game to play on your free time? Try the challenging game of Color Switch in Plimpi. Your patience will be tested in this perplexing game. It may not be an easy game at all, but it is very much entertaining and enjoyable. And it is not impossibly hard, you just need to warm up a little to familiarize with the game.


You will have to make your ball bounce up at the right time. When is the right time? That is when the ball is the same color as the part of the circle. However, it is not enough that you get inside the circle. While inside, you should not bump to the wrong color. Else, it will be game over. You will also have to bounce up to the next circle. As you bounce up, the color of the ball will also change. And still, you should not collide with the wrong color both up and down. You have to be very careful not to over bounce or let go too long.

Color Switch in Plimpi is a fast-paced game. You must be quick too. Your hand and eye coordination will be tested. You have to take control of the ball; one mistake will end the game. As your ball goes up, your score will increase too. How high can you reach? Then try to break your own high score.

To control the ball in the game Color Switch in Plimpi, you will use your mouse to tap. But if you download the game in Android or Apple, you will surely enjoy more. There are Challenges and Achievements to accomplish. There are also tons of game modes you can choose from to play. And you earn stars while you play. Then you can use these stars to purchase new balls.